The Heteronym Page

A Heteronym is a word that has the same spelling as another word but with a different pronunciation and meaning. These words are sometimes also called homographs. To help illustrate what this means, here are twenty common heteronyms used in sentences:

1) The bandage was wound around the wound.

2) The garden was used to produce produce.

3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

4) We must polish the Polish furniture.

5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.

6) The soldier decided to desert his post in the desert.

7) Santa is ready to present the present.

8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

10) I did not object to the object.

11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.

13) They were too close to the door to close it.

14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.

15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.

17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

18) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

19) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

20) How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?

My interest in heteronyms started on a long drive to Kansas with my family. Needing something to help pass the time, we tried to come up with as many of these words as we could. At the time we didn't even know what these types of words were called, but we came up with 14 examples and thought we had done pretty well. I knew there must be many more heteronyms that we simply hadn't thought of, so I created this page with two purposes in mind.

I'll be the first to admit that this is a pretty useless list. I didn't expect that many other people would find it even vaguely interesting. But I've been pleasantly surprised at how many people hear about the list and enjoy seeing the collection and try to think of more words to contribute.

The November 1988 edition of the Smithsonian magazine contained a short article about heteronyms, written by Felicia Lamport. The article isn't available at their website, but I managed to track the article down and have reproduced it here.

I've chosen to list the heteronyms using the following format:
wordClass (n) pronunciation #1first definition
pronunciation #2second definition

All heteronyms are not created equal! Your definition of what is acceptable might not match mine. I've attempted to classify each heteronym using the following class definitions:

aClass (E) EHfirst letter of the alphabet
UH or EHthat's ~ good example!
ablativeClass (A) AB-la-tiva grammatical case
a-BLAIT-ivtends to ablate (vaporize)
absentClass (B) AB-sentmissing
ab-SENTto keep oneself away
abstractClass (B,E) AB-strakt a summary
ab-STRAKT or AB-strakt not like an object
abuseClass (B) a-BYOOZ~ a drug
a-BYOOSdrug ~
accentClass (B,E) AK-sentthe ~ is on bright colors
ak-SENT or AK-sent~ the positive
acediaClass (A) assuh-DEE-uha type of fish
uh-SEED-iathe deadly sin of sloth
acuminateClass (B) a-KYOO-mi-nutpointed
a-KYOO-mi-nateto make pointed
addictClass (B) a-DIKTto cause to become dependent
AD-iktone who is dependent
addressClass (B,E) AD-res or a-DRESlocation
a-DRESto write the location
adductClass (A) AD-ukta chemical addition product
a-DUKTto bring together similar parts
adeptClass (B) AD-epta highly skilled person
a-DEPThighly skilled
adulterateClass (B) a-DUL-tu-rate to make impure
a-DUL-tu-ruthas engaged in adultery
advertClass (A) AD-vertadvertisement (British)
ad-VERTto refer to casually
advocateClass (B,E) AD-vu-kut or AD-vu-katea lawyer
AD-vu-kateto argue in favor of
aerialClass (B,E) AR-ee-al or ER-ee-alpertaining to aircraft
ER-ee-al or AR-ee-al antenna
affectClass (B,E) a-FEKTto influence
AF-ektthe subjective aspect of an emotion
affiliateClass (B,E) a-FIL-ee-ateto accept as an associate
a-FIL-ee-ut or a-FIL-ee-atean associate
affixClass (B) a-FIKSto attach to
AF-iksan appendage
agapeClass (A) a-GAYPwide open
OG-e-payform of love
agedClass (B,E) AY-jed or AYJDof an advanced age
AYJDa man ~ 40 years
agglomerateClass (B) a-GLOM-u-rateto gather into a ball
a-GLOM-u-rutgathered into a ball
agglutinateClass (B) a-GLOOT-i-nateto cause to clump together
aggregateClass (B) AG-ri-gateto gather into a whole
AG-ri-gutthe whole
agoraClass (A) AG-or-uha gathering place
a-gor-AHIsraeli money
alimentClass (B) AL-i-mentfood
AL-i-MENTto give food to
alloyClass (B,E) AL-oy or uh-LOYcombined metals
uh-LOY or AL-oyto mix so as to form an alloy
allyClass (B,E) ah-LIE or AL-eyeto join with others
AL-eye or ah-LIEone who is allied
alternateClass (B) ALL-tur-nateto switch back and forth
ALL-tur-nut~ plan
alumClass (A) AL-umaluminum sulfate
uh-LUMshort form of an alumnus
anaClass (E) AN-uhan equal quantity of each
AY-nuh or AN-uha collection of anecdotes
analysesClass (B,D) a-NAL-a-seezplural of noun analysis
AN-al-ize-ezplural of verb analyse (UK spelling)
animateClass (B) AN-i-mateto give life to
annexClass (B,E) a-NEKS or AN-eksto take for oneself
AN-eksan addition to a building
antedateClass (B,E) ANT-i-datean assigned date earlier than actual
ant-i-DATE or ANT-i-dateto assign an earlier date
appropriateClass (A) a-PRO-pree-atetake possession of
approximateClass (B) a-PROKS-i-mateto be nearly the same as
a-PROKS-i-mutnearly correct
areClass (E) EHR or AHRmetric unit of area
AHRwhere ~ you?
aresClass (C) EHRZplural metric unit of area
EHR-eezGreek god of war
arithmeticClass (B) a-RITH-mu-tikreading, writing, and ~
ar-ith-MET-ik~ scale
arsesClass (A) AR-suzplural of arse
AR-seezplural of arsis
articulateClass (B) ar-TIK-u-lateto speak clearly
ar-TIK-u-lutone who speaks clearly
asClass (A) AZlike
ASSRoman coin
AYZplural of a
aspirateClass (B) AS-pi-rateinhale
AS-pi-rutmaterial removed by aspiration
assesClass (E) ASS-uzplural of ass
ASS-eez or ASS-uzplural of as (the coin)
associateClass (B,E) as-O-she-atejoin with
as-O-she-ut or as-O-she-atewhom one is joined with
ateClass (A) AITpast of eat
OT-teereckless ambition
attachesClass (F) uh-TACH-ezplural of attach
at-a-SHAYZplural of attaché
attenuateClass (B) u-TEN-yu-wate to make thin or slender
u-TEN-yu-wutthin or slender
attributeClass (A) a-TRIB-ewtregard as a cause
AT-ri-bewtcharacteristic feature
augmentClass (B) AWG-mentlengthened vowel esp. in Greek or Sanskrit verbs
awg-MENTto increase
augustClass (C,E) AW-gustmonth
aw-GUST or AW-gustadmirable
axesClass (A) AK-sezplural of ax
AK-seezplural of axis
ayClass (D) AYyes (also "aye")
EYE~ me; expressing regret
basesClass (A) BAY-sezplural of base
BAY-seezplural of basis
bassClass (A) BASSfish
BAYSdeep voice
bisClass (S) BISagain
BUYZbisexuals (slang)
blessedClass (B,E) BLES-ed or BLESTrevered
BLESThe ~ her
bouleClass (A) BOO-leeancient Greek legislative council
BOOLpear-shaped mass with a single crystal
bowClass (A) BAHW~ and stern
BOE~ and arrow
bowedClass (B) BAHWDshe ~ her head
BOADthe branch was ~
bowerClass (A) BAHW-era dwelling
BOE-era tenant farmer
buffetClass (A) BUF-ethit repeatedly
bu-FAYtype of furniture
bundClass (C) BUNDan irrigation embankment
BOUWNDfederation (usually capitalized)
bustierClass (A) BUS-tee-urmore busty
BOOS-tee-ayfeminine attire
capoClass (E) KAY-poeguitar fret clamp
KAP-oe or KAY-poelocal Mafia boss
certificateClass (B) sur-TIF-i-kutdocument providing authentication
chapsClass (A) CHAPS fellows
SHAPS leather leggings
chassisClass (B) CHASS-ee vehicle undercarriage
CHASS-eez vehicle undercarriages
closeClass (A) KLOS nearby
KLOZ ~ the door
coagulateClass (B,E) ko-AG-u-latecurdle
ko-AG-u-lut or ko-AG-u-latethat which has coagulated
coaxClass (S) KOKESpersuade
KOE-axslang for coaxial cable
collectClass (A) ku-LEKTgather
KAWL-ikta short prayer
colonClass (B,E,F) KOE-lun":"
kaw-LOAN or ku-LOANcolonial farmer
ku-LOANCosta Rican monetary unit
combatClass (B,E) kum-BAT or KOM-batfight against
KOM-batarmed battle
combineClass (B) KOM-bynassociation of people
kum-BYNto unite
communeClass (E) kuh-MYEWN~ with nature
KOM-yewn or kuh-MYEWNsmall collective unit, typically rural
compactClass (B,E) kum-PAKT or KOM-pakt~ the trash
KOM-pakt~ car
complexClass (B,E) kom-PLEX or KOM-plexintricate
KOM-plexapartment ~
compoundClass (B,E) kum-POWND or KOM-pownd~ our problems
KOM-pownd~ fracture
compressClass (B) kum-PRESmake smaller
concertClass (B) KON-sertmusical performance
kun-SERTto plan by mutual agreement
conductClass (B) kun-DUKTto guide
confectClass (B) kun-FEKTto put together
KON-fektthat which is confected
confinesClass (B) kun-FYNZlimits
KON-fynzthe area where something is limited to
conflictClass (B) KON-flikta battle
kun-FLIKTtheir stories ~
confoundClass (B) KON-founddamn
kun-FOUNDto confuse
conglomerateClass (B) kun-GLOM-u-rutcomposed of many items
kun-GLOM-e-rateto gather into a whole
congregateClass (B,E) KON-gruh-gut or KON-gruh-gategathered together
KON-gruh-gateto gather together
congressClass (B) KON-gressa meeting
kon-GRESSto assemble
conjugateClass (B,E) KON-ji-gut or KON-ju-gatejoined together
KON-ju-gateto join together
conscriptClass (B) KON-skriptone forced to enroll
kun-SKRIPTto force someone to enroll
conserveClass (B) kun-SURVto preserve with sugar
KON-surva candied fruit
consociateClass (B,E) kun-SOSH-ee-ut or kun-SOSH-ee-ateunited
kun-SOSH-ee-ateto unite
consoleClass (A) kun-SOLEprovide solace
KON-solepanel containing controls
consolidateClass (B,E) kun-SOL-uh-dut or kun-SOL-uh-datemade firm or solid
kun-SOL-uh-dateto join together
consortClass (B,E) KON-sortlover
kun-SORT or KON-sortto associate with
constructClass (B) kun-STRUKTbuild
KON-struktsomething built
consummateClass (B) KON-soo-mutextremely skilled
KON-soo-mate~ a marriage
contactClass (B,E) KON-taktelectrical connection
kun-TAKT or KON-taktto communicate with
contentClass (A) KON-tentwhat is contained
contestClass (B) KON-testcompetition
kun-TESTto dispute
contractClass (B) KON-traktsign the ~
kun-TRAKT~ a disease
contraryClass (B,E) KON-trer-ysomething that is opposite
kun-TRER-y or KON-trer-yunruly
contrastClass (B,E) KON-trasta difference
kun-TRAST or KON-trastto show differences
converseClass (A) KON-vurslogic term
kun-VURSto talk
convertClass (B) kun-VURTto change
KON-vurtone who has been changed
convictClass (B) kun-VIKTto find guilty
KON-viktone who has been found guilty
coopClass (D) KOOPchicken's home
KOE-opshort for cooperative (hyphenated)
coordinateClass (B,E) koe-OR-di-nateto put in the same order or rank
koe-OR-di-nut or koe-OR-di-nateone that is in the same order or rank
corpsClass (B) KORa member of the press ~
KORZcompare the ~ of the two ballet companies
coveyClass (A) KUHV-eea group, often of birds
KOEV-ia young fellow
crookedClass (B) KROOK-ed~ as a dog's hind leg
KROOKD~ my neck to see
cubeClass (A) KYEWBa square block
KYEW-baya tropical shrub
cutinClass (D) KYOO-tinThe ~ makes the leaf feel waxy.
KUT-inFlow the text around the ~. (hyphenated)
decameterClass (D) de-KAM-e-turpoetic line with 10 feet
DEK-a-mee-tur10 meters (or "dekameter")
decreaseClass (B,E) di-KREES or DEE-kreesto make it smaller
DEE-krees or di-KREESthe amount made smaller
defectClass (E) DEE-fekt or di-FEKTflaw
di-FEKTto desert a cause
defenseClass (B,D,E) di-FENSspeak out in ~ of justice (or "defence")
DEE-fens or di-FENSoffense and ~
defileClass (E) di-FILEto sully or make dirty
DEE-file or di-FILEa narrow passage or gorge
degenerateClass (B) dee-JEN-u-rateto get worse
dee-JEN-u-ruta pervert
delegateClass (B,E) DEL-i-gate~ your authority
DEL-i-gut or DEL-i-gatea person acting for another
deliberateClass (B) dee-LIB-u-rutintentional
dee-LIB-u-rateto think carefully
denierClass (A) dee-NIE-urone who denies, e.g. a holocaust ~
dun-YAAa unit of fineness for cloth
derogateClass (B,E) DER-o-gatedisparage
DER-o-gut or DER-o-gateinferior
desertClass (A) DEZ-urtdry place
desiccateClass (B) DES-i-kateto dry
DES-i-kutthe product of desiccation
desolateClass (B) DES-u-lutbarren
DES-u-lateto make barren
deviateClass (B,E) DEE-vee-aitto change direction
DEE-vee-ut or DEE-vee-aitnon-normal
diagnosesClass (B) DI-ag-no-sezhe ~ the problems
di-ag-NO-seeshe gives several ~
diffuseClass (B) dif-YOOSnot concentrated
dif-YOOZto cause to spread thinly
digestClass (A) DIE-jestreader's ~
die-JEST~ your food
dingyClass (D) DIN-jeegrubby
DING-eesmall boat (also "dinghy")
discardClass (B,E) DIS-kardthat which has been removed
dis-KARD or DIS-kardto get rid of
dischargeClass (B,E) dis-CHARJto release
DIS-charjthat which is released
discordClass (B,E) DIS-korda lack of harmony
dis-KORD or DIS-kordto clash
discountClass (B,E) DIS-kowntthe amount of the reduction
dis-KOWNT or DIS-kowntto regard with doubt
diversClass (A) DIE-vurzplural of diver
doClass (A) DUEperform
DOE1st note of diatonic scale
doesClass (A) DUZ~ this look good?
DOESplural of doe
doggedClass (B) DOG-idtenacious
DOGDto track or trail persistently
doveClass (A) DOVEdived
drawerClass (A) DRAW-urone who draws
DRAWRcontainer for items
duplicateClass (B) DUP-li-kuta copy
DUP-li-kateto make a copy
egressClass (B,E) EE-gresan exit
ee-GRESto exit
ejaculateClass (B) ee-JAK-u-lateeject semen in orgasm
ee-JAK-u-lutejected semen
elaborateClass (B) i-LAB-u-rutrich in detail
i-LAB-u-rategive further detail on
ellipsesClass (A) i-LIP-susplural of ellipse
i-LIP-seezplural of ellipsis
entranceClass (A) EN-trunsdoor
envelopClass (B,D) EN-ve-lopemail container (also "envelope")
in-VEL-upto enclose
epicrisisClass (A) e-PIC-ri-siscritical literary review
EP-i-cri-sissecondary crisis
escortClass (B) ES-kortmy ~ took me to the dance
es-KORTplease ~ me to the dance
essayClass (B,E) ES-aypiece of writing
e-SAY or ES-ayto put to a test
estimateClass (B) ES-ti-muta rough calculation
ES-tu-mateto make a rough calculation
eveningClass (A) EEV-ningbeginning of night
EEV-un-ingleveling out
eweClass (C) YOOfemale sheep
AY-wayAfrican language
exciseClass (A) EK-sizetype of tax
ik-SIZEto cut out
excuseClass (B) ex-KYEWZplease ~ me for a minute
ex-KYEWSI need to think of an ~
exploitClass (E) EK-sploitfeat
ik-SPLOIT or EX-sploittake advantage of
exposeClass (F) ik-SPOZEreveal
ek-spoh-ZAYan exposure of something discreditable
extractClass (B) EK-straktderived from
fenClass (A) FENmarshy ground
FUNChinese money
fermentClass (B,E) FUR-ment or fur-MENTyeast is a ~
fur-MENT~ potatoes to make vodka
fiascoClass (E) fee-AS-koh or fee-OS-kohcomplete failure
fee-OS-kohstraw covered bottle
fileClass (F) FILEmake smoother
fi-LAYa spice
filletClass (A,D,E) fi-LAYpiece of meat (also "filet")
FILL-itto round off a corner
fineClass (A) FINEone ~ day
FEE-naymusical term
forteClass (A) FOERTstrongest part of a blade
frequentClass (B,E) FREE-kwuntoften occurring
free-KWENT or FREE-kwuntto visit repeatedly
gillClass (A) GILfish organ
JILunit of volume
gnomeClass (E) NOAMdwarf-like creature
NO-mee or NOAMan adage or proverb
graduateClass (B) GRAJ-u-watesuccessfully finish a degree
GRAJ-u-utone who has graduated
graveClass (B) GRAVEwhere you bury someone
GRAWV-ayslowly and solemnly (music direction)
hadesClass (A) HAID-eezhell (sometimes capitalized)
HAIDZangles made by rock faults or veins
halterClass (E) HAWL-turhead gear for horses
HAL-tur or HAWL-turtype of insect wings
haveClass (B,E) HAVI ~ some already
HAFF or HAVdo I ~ to?
heClass (A) HEEpronoun
HAY5th letter of Hebrew alphabet
hinderClass (A) HIN-durhamper
HINE-durDevil take the ~ most
houseClass (B) HOWSEdwelling
HOWZgive shelter to
implantClass (B) IM-plantthat which has been implanted
im-PLANTto place or embed deeply
importClass (B,E) im-PORT or IM-portbring into a country
IM-portthat which is brought in
impressClass (B) IM-presthe mark produced by impressing
im-PRESto mark with pressure
imprintClass (B,E) IM-printthe mark produced by pressure
im-PRINT or IM-printto mark with pressure
incenseClass (A) in-SENSinfuriate
IN-sensperfume for burning
inclineClass (B) in-KLINEto lean towards
IN-klinea slope
incorporateClass (B) in-KOR-po-raitto form into a corporation
increaseClass (B,E) in-KREES~ my salary!
IN-krees or in-KREESI want a salary ~!
indentClass (B,E) in-DENTto make a notch or depression
IN-dent or in-DENTan indentation
initiateClass (B) in-ISH-ee-ateto begin something
in-ISH-ee-utone who has been initiated
insertClass (B) in-SURTto put into
IN-surtsomething inserted
insetClass (B,E) IN-seta small item placed within a larger one
in-SET or IN-setto make something inset
instinctClass (A,E) IN-stinkta natural impulse
in-STINKT or IN-stinktfilled with
insultClass (B) IN-sulta disrespectful remark
in-SULTto make a disrespectful remark
integralClass (B) in-TEG-rulwhole
INT-i-grulexpressible in terms of integers
interceptClass (B) in-tur-SEPTto halt something
INT-ur-septthat which has been intercepted
intermediateClass (B) in-tur-MEE-dee-utbetween
in-tur-MEE-dee-ate intervene
internClass (E) IN-turnhospital ~
in-TURN or IN-turn~ the captives
intimateClass (A) INT-u-mutpersonal or private
INT-u-mateto suggest
intrigueClass (B) IN-treegan illicit secret
in-TREEGto make secret plans or arouse curiousity
invalidClass (A) IN-vu-ludincapacitated
inviteClass (B) in-VITEask someone to attend
IN-vitean invitation
involuteClass (E) IN-vuloottype of curve
invul-OOT or IN-vulootto clear up
isolateClass (B) I-so-laitto set apart from others
I-so-luta product of isolating
jaggedClass (B) JAGDmoved in jerks
JAG-udhaving a sharp, uneven edge
jargonClass (D) JAR-gunspecialized language
jar-GAHNtype of zircon (also "jargoon")
jobClass (C) JOBon the ~
JOBEthe book of ~
jubilateClass (B,C) JOO-bu-laterejoice
yoo-bu-LAW-tayjoyous song
junkerClass (C) JUNG-kurold car
YOONG-kurmember of the Prussian aristocracy
lameClass (F) law-MAYgold ~ jacket
LAIM~ duck
lamedClass (A) LAIMDmade disabled
LAWM-ed12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
laminateClass (B,E) LAM-u-nateto combine layers of material
LAM-u-nut or LAM-u-natecomposed of layers
latherClass (A) LATHE-urfoam
LAYTH-urone who works a lathe
LATH-urone who uses laths
leadClass (A) LEDheavy metal
LEEDshow the way
learnedClass (B) LURNDpast tense of learn
legateClass (A) LEG-utofficial emissary
leggedClass (B,E) LEG-udfour ~
LEGDhe ~ his way to the top
legitimateClass (B) li-JIT-u-mutlegal or authorized
li-JIT-u-mateto make legitimate
liedClass (A) LIEDpast tense of "lie"
LEETGerman folk song
lineageClass (D) LIN-ee-ijdescendents of a founder
LINE-ijthe number of lines of print (also "linage")
liveClass (B) LIVE~ audience
LIV~ in harmony
lowerClass (A) LOWE-urto move down
lugerClass (A) LEW-gurpistol
LEWZH-urone who rides a luge
lungedClass (A) LUNJDabruptly moved
LUNGDhaving lungs
lungerClass (A) LUNJ-urone that lunges
LUNG-urone that is tubercular
lupineClass (A) LOO-pinewolfish
LOO-pinkind of flower
manesClass (C) MAINZplural of mane
MON-asedeified spirits of Roman dead
mareClass (A) MAIRfemale horse
MAHR-eydark area on the moon
mariaClass (C) muh-REE-uhfemale name
MAHR-ee-uhplural of lunar mare
mateClass (F) MAITfriend
MAW-taySouth American beverage (maté)
micrometerClass (A) my-KROM-u-turmeasuring device
MY-krow-mee-tura millionth of a meter
minuteClass (A) MIN-ut60 seconds
misconductClass (B) mis-KON-duktyour ~ is unacceptable
mis-kun-DUKTdon't ~ yourself while I'm gone
mobileClass (B,E) MOWE-beelwind-blown sculpture
MOWE-bul or MOWE-beelmovable
moderateClass (B) MOD-u-rutnot extreme
MOD-u-rateto make less extreme
moleClass (A) MOALunderground denizen
MOE-laytype of Mexican food
mopedClass (A) MOWE-pedmotorized bike
MOWEPTwas gloomy
motherClass (A) MUTH-urgood ol' Mom
MAWTH-urhunter of moths
mouseClass (B) MOWSrodent
MOWZto hunt them
mouthClass (B) MOWTHEto move one's mouth
MOWTHwhat you speak with
mowClass (B) MAUWhay ~
MOWE~ the lawn
multiplyClass (B) MUL-tu-plymath operation
MUL-tu-pleeit was ~ defined
noneClass (A) NUNnot any
NOAN5th canonical hour
numberClass (A) NUM-burwe're ~ one!
NUM-urmore numb
nunClass (A) NUNwoman in religious order
NUON14th letter of Hebrew alphabet
objectClass (A) ub-JEKTdisapprove
OB-jekta material thing
oblateClass (E) a-BLAITto make a religious offering
oh-BLAIT or a-BLAITflattened at the poles
obligateClass (B,E) OB-lu-gateto bind legally or morally
OB-li-gut or OB-lu-gatebound to a restricted lifestyle
offenseClass (B,E) u-FENS or OFF-ensdon't take ~
OFF-ensthe attacking team
osClass (A) OSbone
OSEmouth or orifice
overageClass (A) OH-vur-AIJtoo old
overheadClass (B) OH-vur-headbusiness expenses
oh-vur-HEADabove the head
overlookClass (B) OH-vur-lookelevated spot with a view
oh-vur-LOOKto ignore
overrunClass (B,E) OH-vur-runthe excess portion
oh-vur-RUN or OH-vur-runto run too far
paceClass (A) PAYZS~ yourself
PAY-SEEwith all due respect to
palledClass (A) PALDwas buddies with
PAWLDcovered with a pall
palsyClass (A) PALL-zeetrembling disease
panClass (A) PANmetal container
PONa leaf of the betel vine
pastyClass (A) PAY-steepaste-like
PASS-teea meat pie
pateClass (B,F) PAIThead
POTpaste (pâte)
paw-TAYmeat spread (pâté)
patentClass (A) PA-tentproprietary
peakedClass (E) PEEKD or PEEK-edsharply pointed
PEEK-edunhealthy looking
pedalClass (B,E) PED-ilplace to put your foot
PEED-il or PED-ilrelating to the foot
peerClass (A) PEERone's equal
PEE-urone who pees
perfectClass (B) PUR-fektthe best possible
pur-FEKTto make better
periodicClass (A) pir-ee-OD-ikregularly recurring
pur-eye-od-ik~ acids, HIO4 for example
permitClass (B) pur-MITto allow
PUR-mita pass
pervertClass (B,E) PUR-vurtsexual deviant
pur-VURT or PUR-vurtto corrupt
pinionClass (D,F) PIN-yunpart of a bird's wing
PIN-yowna pine nut (also "piñon")
piqueClass (A) PEEKto stimulate
PEE-kaya type of tick
placerClass (A) PLAY-surone of the winners in a competition
PLAS-urmineral deposit
pliesClass (F) PLYZplural of ply
plee-AZEplural of plié
poiseClass (A) POYZeasy composure
PWOZunit of measurement for viscosity
polishClass (C) POE-lishfrom Poland
pollClass (A) POLEa casting of votes
PAWL~ degree
postulateClass (B,E) POS-cha-laitto claim as true
POS-cha-lat or POS-cha-laitthat which is claimed to be true
prayerClass (B) PRAY-urone who prays
PRERsay a ~
precedentClass (B,E) PRESS-uh-dentauthoritative example
pree-SEE-dent or PRESS-uh-dentwhat came before this
precipitateClass (B) pri-SIP-u-tateto rain or snow
pri-SIP-ut-uta solid separated from a solution
predicateClass (B) PRED-i-kutpart of a sentence
PRED-i-kateto assert or declare
premiseClass (B,E) PREM-usbased on the ~ that all men are created equal
pri-MIZE or PREM-usI ~ that all men...
presentClass (B) pri-ZENTgive
primerClass (E) PRIM-ur or PRY-murintro book for teaching
PRY-murused for priming
proceedsClass (A) pro-SEEDZcontinues
processClass (B) pru-SESSmove in a procession
PRAW-sessthe method
produceClass (B) pru-DOOScreate
PROD-oosfruits and veggies
progressClass (B) PROG-rusmovement towards a goal
pru-GRESto advance
projectClass (A) PRAW-jectundertaking
prospectClass (B,E) prus-PEKT or PROS-pektexplore
PROS-pekta likely candidate
protestClass (B) PRO-testdisplay of disapproval
pru-TESTto object to
pussyClass (A) POOS-ee~ cat
PUS-eefull of pus
puttingClass (A) PUTT-inggolfing
raggedClass (A) RAGDtormented
ravenClass (A) RAY-vunblack bird
RAV-unto devour greedily
reClass (E) REE or RAYwith regard to
RAY2nd note of diatonic scale
read (also misread, proofread)Class (B) REEDI will ~ that book
REDI already ~ that book
realClass (A) REELactual
ray-OLformer Spanish money
rebelClass (B) ri-BELto resist
REB-ulone who rebels
reboundClass (B) REE-bounda sharp ~ in stock prices
REE-BOUNDto recover from a setback
recallClass (B) REE-kawlChrysler issued a ~ of their mini-vans
ree-KAWLI can't ~ just when
recapClass (B) REE-kapa recapped tire
ree-KAPto put new tread on a tire
recessClass (B,E) REE-ses or ri-SESa nook
ri-SESto put something into a recess
recitativeClass (B) REH-sih-TAY-tivrelating to recital
REH-sih-tuh-TEEVan opera style that emphasizes dialogue
recoilClass (B,E) ri-KOILto flinch or wince
REE-koil or ri-KOILthe kickback of a gun
recollectClass (A) rek-a-LEKTremember
REE-kol-ektto collect again
recordClass (B) REK-urd~ player
ri-KORD~ the music
recountClass (A) REE-cowntto count again
ree-COWNTto give a detailed account of
recoverClass (A) REE-kuverto cover again
recreate (also recreation)Class (A) REK-ree-aterelax
REE-kree-ATEcreate again
redoClass (B,E) REE-DUEdo again
REE-due or REE-DUEredecorate
redressClass (B,E) ri-DREScompensate
REE-dress or ri-DREScompensation
REE-DRESdress again
refillClass (B,E) REE-filla replenishment
ree-FILL or REE-fillfill again
refitClass (B,E) ree-FITto fit out or resupply
REE-fit or ree-FITthe act of refitting
reflexClass (A) REE-fleksan automatic action
REE-FLEKSflex again
reformClass (A) ri-FORMchange for the better
REE-FORMform again
refundClass (B,E) ri-FUND or REE-fundto return money
REE-fundthe returned money
refuseClass (A) REE-fuzefuse again
ri-FUZEdo not accept
regenerateClass (B) ri-JEN-ur-aitto generate or produce anew
re-JEN-ur-utformed or created again
regressClass (B) ri-GRESto go back
REE-gresthe act of reasoning backwards
rehashClass (B) REE-hashI don't want to sit through another ~ of the situation
ree-HASHLet's ~ the problem together
rejectClass (B) REE-jektone that has been rejected
ree-JEKTto refuse to accept
relapseClass (B,E) ri-LAPShe may ~ back to his former troubles
REE-laps or ri-LAPShe had a ~ earlier this year
relayClass (A) REE-layelectrical switch
ri-LAYpass on
releaseClass (A) ree-LEESlet go
REE-LEESlease again
remakeClass (B) REE-makehave you seen the ~ of Beau Geste?
REE-MAKEI have to ~ the bed
repairClass (A) ree-PAIRfix
REE-PAIRpair again
repatriateClass (B) ri-PAY-tree-aitto return someone to their country
re-PAY-tree-utsomeone who has been returned
repentClass (A) ri-PENTregret
replayClass (B,E) REE-playa repetition
ree-PLAY or REE-playplay again
reportClass (A) ree-PORTgive me a ~ on our progress
REE-PORTwe're going to have to ~ the software
representClass (A) rep-ri-ZENTstand for
REE-pri-ZENTpresent again
repressClass (A) ri-PRESrepress a bad memory
REE-PRESre-press a record
reprintClass (B) REE-printcan I get a ~ of that?
REE-PRINTwe'll have to ~ the whole thing again
repriseClass (B) ri-PRIZEa resumption of action
ri-PREEZa musical repetition
reproofClass (A) ri-PROOFI've never heard a word of ~ regarding her
REE-PROOFplease ~ the article
rerunClass (B,E) REE-run or REE-RUNa second showing
REE-RUNrun again
researchClass (A) ri-SURCHinvestigate
REE-SURCHsearch again
resedaClass (A) ri-SED-utype of flower
RAY-zu-dagrayish green color
resentClass (A) ree-ZENTbe indignant
REE-SENTsent again
reserveClass (A) ri-ZURVhold back
REE-SURVserve again
resideClass (A) ree-ZIDEI ~ in California
REE-SIDEI want to ~ my garage
resignClass (A) ri-ZINEquit
REE-SIGNsign again
resolveClass (A) ri-ZOLVsettle dispute
REE-SOLVsolve again
resortClass (A) ri-ZORTvacation spot
REE-SORTsort again
resoundClass (A) ree-ZOUNDthe walls ~ with joyous laughter
REE-SOUND~ him out on that proposal
restingClass (A) ree-STINGthat bee might ~ me!
REST-ingnot moving
restoreClass (A) ri-STOR~ your confidence
REE-STORplease ~ the tapes in the vault
resumeClass (F) ri-ZOOMcontinue
REZ-oo-maywork summary (also résumé)
retableClass (A) REE-tabe-ulplaced on the agenda again
ri-TABE-ulshelf behind an alter
retakeClass (B) ree-TAKEwe'll ~ the city
REE-takewe'll need to do a ~ tomorrow
retardClass (A) REE-tardwho's the ~ that left the door open?
ri-TARD~ the timing on your car
returnClass (A) ri-TURNI will ~ the sweater
REE-TURNredo a project on a lathe
reviewClass (B) ri-VEWlook over
REE-VEWview something again
rewindClass (B) ree-WINEDdon't forget to ~ your tapes
REE-winedhit the ~ button
riverClass (A) RI-vurflowing water
RIE-vurone who splits wood
roseClass (F) ROZEtype of flower
roze-AYtype of wine
routClass (A) ROUTdisastrous defeat
ROTEa cattle bellow
routerClass (A) ROUT-urwoodworking tool
ROTE-urthat cow sure is a ~
ROOT-ur or ROUT-ura horse trained for distance races
rowClass (A) RAUa fight
ROE~,~,~ your boat
ruggedClass (A) RUG-idsturdy
RUGDpulled or torn
sakeClass (D) SAKEfor your own ~
SOK-eeJapanese drink (also "saki")
salveClass (A) SAVointment
secondClass (A) SE-kendafter first and before third
se-KUNDto transfer an officer to another post
secret (also secreted, secretive)Class (E) SEE-krut or si-KREETto conceal in a hiding place
si-KREETto form and give off
seerClass (E) SEE-ur or SIRone that sees
SIRunit of weight
segmentClass (B) SEG-munta portion
seg-MENTto separate into segments
separateClass (B) SEP-u-rate~ those two
SEP-u-rutput them in ~ places
severerClass (A) suh-VEER-urmore severe
SEV-ur-urone who severs
sewerClass (A) SUE-urstorm ~
SOE-urone who sews
sheaveClass (E) SHEEVto pull the oars in reverse
SHIV or SHEEVa grooved wheel
shinClass (E) SHINpart of leg
SHEEN or SHIN22nd letter in Hebrew alphabet
showerClass (A) SHAU-urbathe
SHOW-urone who shows
sinClass (A) SINmoral offense
SEENAkkadian god of the moon
singerClass (A) SING-urone who sings
SINJ-urone who singes
skiedClass (D) SKEEDpast tense of ski
SKYDhung a painting up high
slaverClass (E) SLAY-vurone who sells slaves
SLAV-ur or SLAY-vurdrool
sliverClass (E) SLIV-ura small piece of wood
SLY-vur or SLIV-urA continuous strand of loose wool
sloughClass (A) SLUEmarshy place
SLUFshed skin
solClass (A) SOLEdo re mi fa ~
SAWLold French coin
solesClass (A) SOULZplural of sole
SOH-laseplural of sol (French coin)
sowClass (A) SAUfemale pig
SOHplant seeds
stabileClass (B,E) STAY-beelabstract sculpture
STAY-bil or STAY-beelsteady
stingyClass (A) STINJ-eereluctant to spend
STING-eeable to sting
stipulateClass (A) STIP-yu-laterequest explicitly
STIP-yu-luthaving stipules
subjectClass (B) SUB-jiktone who is ruled by another
sub-JEKTto subjugate
suiteClass (B,E) SWEETa set or collection of things
SUTEa set of matched furniture
supplyClass (A) su-PLYprovide
SUP-leein a supple way
surveyClass (B,E) SUR-vay or sur-VAYinspect
sur-VAY or SUR-vaya report of what has been surveyed
suspectClass (B) sus-PEKThe doesn't ~ a thing
SUS-pekthe's our main ~
swingerClass (A) SWING-urone who swings
syndicateClass (B) SIN-di-kuta business group
SIN-du-kateto sell to a syndicate
tangClass (C) TANGsharp flavor
TONGChinese dynasty
tarryClass (A) TAIR-eelinger
TAR-eecovered with tar
taxesClass (A) TAK-suzplural of tax
TAK-seezplural of taxis
taxisClass (A) TAK-seezplural of taxi
TAK-susmanual reduction of a hernia
tearClass (A) TAIRrip
TEERproduced when crying
testerClass (E) TES-turone who tests
TEES-tur or TES-turcanopy over a bed
thouClass (A) THEOWyou
THOWa thousand
thymicClass (A) TY-mikof or pertaining to thyme, for example a type of acid
THY-mikof or pertaining to the thymus
tierClass (A) TEERrow or rank
TIE-urone who ties
tootsClass (S) TOOTSblows a horn
TUHTSshort for Tootsie (slang)
tormentClass (B,E) TOR-mentagony
tor-MENT or TOR-mentmosquitoes ~ me
torquesClass (A) TORKSvectors that measure the rotational forces
TOR-kweeza ringlike band or formation about the neck
towerClass (A) TAO-urtall building
TOE-urone who tows
transectClass (B) trans-EKTto cut across
TRANS-ekta sample strip of vegetation
transferClass (B,E) trans-FUR or TRANS-furto move
TRANS-fura transference
transplantClass (B) trans-PLANTto move to another place
TRANS-plantthe act of transplanting
transportClass (B) trans-PORTto carry
TRANS-portthe act of transporting
transposeClass (B) trans-POZEto transform
TRANS-pozematrix formed by swapping rows and columns
trepanClass (B,E) tri-PANto remove a core
TREE-panheavy tool used in mining
tritonClass (A) TRY-tentype of mollusk
TRY-tonthe nucleus of tritium
tropicClass (A) TRAW-pick~ of Capricorn
TROW-pickinfluencing the activity of
tushClass (A) TUSHa tooth
TOUWSHyour fanny
unionizedClass (A) YEWN-yun-ized~ labor
un-EYE-on-ized~ hydrogen
upsetClass (B) UP-setstomach ~
useClass (B) YOOSwhat's the ~
YOOZ~ the force
usedClass (B) YOOSTI ~ to live in New York
YOOSEDI ~ two towels
viceClass (A) VISEan immoral habit
VIE-seea turn in sequence
violaClass (A) vie-OH-laflower
vee-OH-lamusical instrument
violistClass (A) VIUL-istviol player
vee-OH-lustviola player
whifflerClass (E) WIF-lurone that clears the way for a procession
WIF-e-lur or WIF-lurone that changes his opinion
wickedClass (A) WIK-id~ witch of the west
WIKDhas one or more wicks
windClass (A) WINDmoving air
windedClass (B,E) WIN-dedout of breath
WINE-ded or WIN-dedblew a horn
withyClass (B,E) WITHE-eea flexible slender twig
WITH-ee or WITHE-eeflexibly tough
wonClass (A) WAHNKorean currency
WUNpast tense of win
woundClass (A) WOONDinjury
WOWNDpast tense of wind
yakClass (E) YAKlong-haired ox
YAUK or YAKlaugh (slang)
yeClass (E) YEEoh ~ of little faith
YUH or THE or YEE~ Old Gifte Shoppe

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