1997 Los Gatos Christmas Parade Uni-CV

The crew begins construction of the Uni-CV. Watch out for that anvil!
We have a friend, Ralf Schubert, who owns a picture framing shop in Los Gatos, California. Every December, the town has a Christmas parade in which all the local merchants take part. Last year Ralf drove his homely little French Citroën 2CV truckette, topped by a Christmas tree, in the parade. Walking beside the truckette were my parents and several other friends of Ralf.

This year, to liven things up, my dad suggested they build a cardboard cartoon-ish version of the 2CV. Then have some idiot wear the contraption while pedaling around on a unicycle. I was quickly volunteered to be the idiot.

We dubbed the cardboard version, the Uni-CV. And with some cardboard, a glue gun, and spray paint, it quickly became a reality. Some headlights were cobbled together out of 2 liter pop bottles. No, they don't light up.

Ralf mounts a Christmas tree on top of his 2CV for the parade, so to complete the parody, we also built a Christmas tree that mounted on top of my head.

On to the parade...

First road test of the basic shell.
No paint or accessories yet.

The finished Uni-CV posing with Ralf
and his 2CV truckette.

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