Jon's Wall of Shame

Here are some pictures that used to "grace" the walls of my cubicle. Some called it my Wall of Shame. Do you blame them? If these pictures aren't disgusting enough, you can click on any of them and see a larger (and thus even more unsettling) image.

Here I am in all my glory. I've just eaten salad with red food coloring added to it. I don't remember why.

Here I am at the Thanksgiving Day table, right after the feast. I'm practicing safe sex by demonstrating how to put a condom on over my head. Doesn't everyone try this after a big family gathering?

This is Scott Blyth, my roommate from university daze. We had some butterscotch pudding that nobody wanted. He filled his mouth full of it and blew it at me, while I took his picture. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I'm not a complete idiot, okay? I did at least wrap myself (and the camera) in plastic wrap during the filming. Note the nice pattern of pudding on the wall around me.

Continuing the theme of putting plastic on my head... At Quantum, a hard disk drive company where I used to work, I was known as the "Thin Film Head Expert".

I used to be scared to death of snakes. That is, until I got acquainted with this boa constrictor, which belongs to a friend of my wife. Wrapping it around my neck seemed like a good idea at the time.

Speaking of my wife, here is Sandra in all her glory (if that's the right word). She's in southern Italy, waiting for a train. We'd just gotten off the ship from Greece and were a bit addled by the long trip. The thing that looks like a cigar in her mouth is actually a chocolate wafer. Nice sunglasses though... makes her look like a big insect!

Isn't it pathetic the lengths I'll go to for a kiss? Even if it's only from the neighbor's horse.

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